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We strive to help as many Dominican families in need as we possibly can

Punta Cana Best Excursions has decided to make a difference by connecting clients with local kids and families in need that have the ability and willingness to help those less fortunate. Our company does not directly benefit from the donations made to this kids and families, we are simply the connection between you and the families in need. However, you do need to to pay for your transportation to the site which we can provide. 

Bavaro Helping Hands will connect you with families in need and provide you a way to support less fortunate children with dreams of an education and access to basic domestic needs. We make it possible for you, as a donor, to help local schools with chairs, whiteboards, desks and other school materials that are basic necessities for daily learning. We strive to be a voice for these less fortunate families.

mission statement

Our goal is to help as many Dominican families in need as possible. However, we want you, the donor, to make the difference. We will connect you with the families in need, and you will personally deliver it to them. We’ll supply you with the connection to the family and we want you to make the donation yourself.

Help a child - Help a family in need - Help a Local school

What we have done

Nazaret School Project

Public School del Hoyo de Friusa

What we plan to do

kid from bavaro


His name is Mario

He wants to be a doctor

Our company does not charge for the help we provided the people in need and does not make profits for these mention services, is our way to give back to our Dominican comunity that we love so much.