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Traveling With CBD Products to Punta Cana

The truth behind medicinal Cannabis and CBD for Punta Cana Travelers.

Many travelers wonder about what are the consequences of entering Dominican soil with vapes, eatables, or a small amount of marijuana 

Here is the big question everybody wants to know CAN YOU TRAVEL TO PUNTA CANA WITH CBD OIL?

The answer is yes and no. 

To be totally honest about my experience with what I see every day here in Punta Cana, the authorities do not enforce the transport or consumption of CBD among travelers, it is not legal by any means in the Dominican Republic but here is why is not enforce in any Dominican airport, especially in Punta Cana Airport. 

1- CBD is almost legal in all states across the USA, Canada, and many other countries, is only a matter of time before the Dominican Republic follows the same regulations. Dominican authorities are not pursuing the enforcement of CBD because it is legal mainly in the USA they have to go easy with the regulations otherwise they will scare travelers away, tourism is about 20% of the Dominican GDP, and trust me they do not want to hear that travelers are not visiting because they are being locked up over something completely legal back home, with that being said I'm not saying that it is completely safe for you to bring marijuana into the country or even CBD for that matter, what I'm saying is that authorities are not looking to lose business over something so petty and small that decriminalization is being quietly practiced to protect the tourism industry in the Dominican Republic, something like an unwritten law to turn a blind eye on the matter. 

Otherwise, you will be hearing all over the news about travelers getting cut trying to sneak in some cannabis CBD or eatables. Again do not take this advice the wrong way and get caught trying to sneak in pounds of marijuana because you will rot in a Dominican. A personal Vape, Gummies, and Cookies, along with your prescription or legal user ID hasn't been an issue so far. 

This is not official information it is my personal opinion based solely on what I can see happening in the Punta Cana Travel Industry. 

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