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Here we will preview the most requested excursions in Punta Cana

Punta Cana Top 3 Covid Free Excursions and Things to do


Welcome to the count down of the 3 Best Excursions after the COVID19 pandemic has taken over the world.As you know the virus is not fond of hot weather and sunny places, thats the simple reason why the COVID19 virus does not thrive in our hot beautiful beaches and sunny weather. A continuation we will […]

PuntaCana After Covid19- CESTUR APP 

ONE THING TO CONSIDER If YOU ARE VISITING PUNTA CANA AFTER COVID19 I think it will be very safe to call Punta Cana a city after its enormous construction boom in the last 3 years. Punta Cana’s growth in 2019 was 5-2% of the total GDP. even with the backlash of the USA scare Punta […]

What is The Dominican Tourist Card ?

hand and the beach
Welcome to dominican republic What is The Dominican Tourist Card ? Home / Most Popular Punta Cana Excursions The Dominican Tourist Card is a local tax the government of the Dominican Republic charges tourist and visitors. Is a legal law base on the number 199-67, which establishes the payment of the card as a requirement [...]
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