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What is The Dominican Tourist Card ?

Welcome to dominican republic #text-box-1168440045 { width: 60%; } #text-box-1168440045 .text { font-size: 100%; } #banner-297429114 { padding-top: 500px; } #banner-297429114 { background-image: url(; } What is The Dominican Tourist Card ? The Dominican Tourist Card is a local tax the government of the Dominican Republic charges tourist and visitors. Is a legal law [...]

Free Long Distance/ Stay Connected Over Seas

Find out you can stay connected using only your hotel wifi.   About 80 % of travelers like to stay connected with their loved ones back home while they are on vacation, and also be able to call locally the new friends they meet like the tour representative or local friends, the other 20% choose […]

Drug Use In Punta Cana

Punta Cana and the Bavaro area is known for its numerous of quality all inclusive hotels, never the less our beautiful beaches and wild party nights in one of our various bars and night clubs. Punta Cana count with a various methods to have fun when the sun goes down, people started gathering in the […]

Crime/Health Information for Punta Cana Travelers


Avoid renting cars or driving yourself unless you are familiar with the local traffic laws, is easier to hire a taxi online before visiting the island, for those visitors who decide to drive them selfs is recommended to know how to drive defensive and offensive driving skills will be definitely necessary. Drivers in the Island […]

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