Driving in The Dominican Republic

Driving around Dr for a foreigner or tourist can be a little challenging, but not dangerous like many people may think.
Most Dominicans usually drive using an offensive and aggressive style,
In the Dominican Republic, regular Dominicans will not yield for pedestrian of for any other incoming vehicle,
You will have to basically force your self in or wait a very long time for a polite driver to let you go head and cross the street or enter an intersection.
Here the pedestrian does not have the right away when crossing the streets,

Open Container or Drinking alcohol while driving 
Strange enough but the no cell phone while driving is not allowed, also you will find police officers actually enforcing the seat belt law and no cell phone while driving law.
But there is no speed regulation at all, personally I have been living in Punta Cana for 5 years and I haven’t seen any car or vehicle being pull over for speed, or anybody getting arrested for having an open container inside the vehicle, a good 80% of Dominican drink socially and drive often drunk.
I do have to admit that even with a high speed and open container regulation not being enforced, the percentage of fatal accidents is very low compared with the policing.

Be Aware of Yellow School Buses
Except for the Yellow school buses that carry the hotel employees, watch out for these yellow and large buses, practically they own the road and always drive at a very high speed, causing fatal accidents very often, these bus drivers are not held accountable for any casualty they may be responsible .
Usually these bus drivers drive on the opposite side of the streets and many times cause fatal accidents killing many innocent people, this drivers will be set free back on the street within 24 hours, so be very careful when you see a big vehicle in the Dominican Republic don’t believe they will yield for you.

Stoping at the Red Light 
The Respect for the stoping red light is also very low, The government recently increase the fine for the violators of these laws forcing citizens to pay a very high fine if you get cut driving through a red light, but even these tough laws are not persuasive enough to keep people following these common rules that potentially prevent protect the lost of innocent life.
In conclusion yes it is possible to drive in the DR keeping in mind that you will have to be aggressive when it needs it and will be extra careful when is necessary. But if you can rent a vehicle with driver is so much of a better choice.