Punta Cana and the Bavaro area is known for its numerous of quality all inclusive hotels, never the less our beautiful beaches and wild party nights in one of our various bars and night clubs. Punta Cana count with a various methods to have fun when the sun goes down, people started gathering in the places you most have fun, among the top ones we will name few like Cocobongo is the king of the night with shows like the rehearsal of famous Artis like Madona, Michael Jackson, among others, offering a night of enjoinment and liquor.
El Kan Bar: Is my favor local place to go and have a beer like a real Dominican, they play Merengue, Bachata and Reggaeton are the preferred music.

Legacy Night Club

Very Nice Night Club New York style small but really nice and close to the latest Hip Pop music ready to make the night amazing and unforgettable.

You can have fun in all of these places but you should know that even though you are vacationing and our country have a big consideration for tourist, you are not allow to consume illegal drugs in any of our excursions, in any of our bars, you will automatically will lose the right to your money back and will be spell from any local private premises that will provide you with the choosing excursion or activities.

The use of drugs in the Dominican Republic is illegal and is punishable by the law, so please enjoy your time but stay away from going to visit a Dominican jail house by just consuming legal substances like alcohol etc, If you get cut doing illegal substances in any of our venues you will be thrown out and be handed to the local authorities by order of the place administration,

Punta Cana Best Excursions and its employed does not take part or any illegal activities and will not side with any breaking of the law done by our guest or clients.

Our company focuses on providing our clients with a safe clean fun Excursions and activities, offering services like , Punta Cana Party Bus, Punta Cana Party Boat, Adventure Boogies Excursions and many more fun family excursions.

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