Find out you can stay connected using only your hotel wifi.

About 80 % of travelers like to stay connected with their loved ones back home while they are on vacation, and also be able to call locally the new friends they meet like the tour representative or local friends, the other 20% choose to leave their phone back home and travel with no communication just to enjoy their vacation.

But for those who needs to stay connected technology has provided a new application name Whats Up This application is really a life saviour and amazing communication app, Whats Up is very popular among third world country’s, because will allow you make voice and video calls to anybody who has it installed on their smartphone device, What’s up is available on Android and iPhone platform and is very easy to use.

Punta Cana Best Excursions encourage our clients to always download the Whats Up app because it will make your vacation and communication with your tour operator,  One thing that many travelers don’t realize is that once you are in Punta Cana communication is the key to making things happen the right way.

Here are few Examples of why what’s up is the way to go to communicate while in Punta Cana.

Lets say you have an excursion at certain time to be pick up at your hotel lobby, and it happens that you are running late, you just have to grab your phone and text or call us by Whats Up using the internet in your hotel to let us know that you are running late and the truck will know to wait a little longer or vice-versa.

It has been proving that communication is the key for a positive experience with our clients and also for the clients to stay connected the most efficient and affordable way, we recommend to download What’s Up the mobile app and also encourage your loved ones back home to do it as well so you can connect and communicate with them at any time for free while you are overseas.
Punta Cana Best Excursions have an international number specially design to communicate by Whats up, Our Whats Up Number is 14257936256

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