Punta Cana Top 3 Covid Free Excursions and Things to do

Welcome to the count down of the 3 Best Excursions after the COVID19 pandemic has taken over the world.
As you know the virus is not fond of hot weather and sunny places, thats the simple reason why the COVID19 virus does not thrive in our hot beautiful beaches and sunny weather. A continuation we will introduce you to the 3 best options for Excursions and activities in Punta Cana, that are open and running, following all of the safety guidelines established by the World Health Organization, Department of Tourism of the Dominican Republic.


Punta Cana Party Boat will be the number one safest excursion to do. This excursion provides the client with an open water experience, doing snorkeling and exposure to the sun for more than 2 hours is proven by the latest analysis that the virus does not survive the salty waters and the hot sun of Bavaro Punta Cana.

This excursion is operating from July 10 on going  please Click on the below link for more info



2-Punta Cana Scooba Doo
The motorize scooba doo is the best next thing to do in the water if you are looking for a none COVID19 environment but at the same time fun and also different you should try Scooba Doo in Punta Cana, you will combine the experience to view Cabeza de Toro coral reef close and personal and at the same time doing it on a safe way with no worries of getting your self contaminated since we already know that COVID19 does not like salty waters and sunny beaches.

This excursion is operating from July 1 on going  please Click on the below link for more info



3- Punta Cana Adventure Booguies
This excursion is by far one of the Punta Cana visitors favorite on this excursion you not only get salty water exposure by visiting the Macao Beach area but you will also take a deep in our private blue water cave, learn about our culture watching the Indian Taino Show and driving around our exciting low riders boogies, ATV’s or 4 Wheelers, You can have your preference at the same price, any vehicle you choose.
These Excursions providers are some of the largest providers in Punta Cana providing every year safe and fun excursions to thousands of visitors.

This excursion is operating from July 9 on going  please Click on the below link for more info


We can not stress enough that these companies comply with the WHO World Health Organization and local authorities safety guidelines.

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