PuntaCana After Covid19- CESTUR APP



I think it will be very safe to call Punta Cana a city after its enormous construction boom in the last 3 years. Punta Cana’s growth in 2019 was 5-2% of the total GDP. even with the backlash of the USA scare Punta Cana keep growing and also maintain its leadership position in the Latin American and Caribbean region that means Punta Cana is unstoppable.

Whit that being said it doesn’t mean that hotel owners and also the government needs to be proactive.

The office of CESTUR (tourist police affairs) has come up with an amazing idea to keep track directly with the tourist that visit the country by creating CESTUR app for immediate assistance,

The government recommends all visitors to download the app and take advantage to contact the office of CESTUR directly. The use of this app will help every visitor to contact and keep a follow up on previous cases without the need of visiting a Government office. among many other benefits that we will enumerate below.

The department of CESTUR is looking to Strengthen the capacity response in less time to prevent threats to security in tourist areas, ensuring the safety of tourists and respond to emergencies faster. With this app de CESTUR office is also looking to reduce the impact of crime against tourists. This app can assist and cover a population of more than 6 million tourists CESTUR APP’s main goal is to provide faster access to emergencies. It eliminates the need to move to require assistance. Decreases the response time from 15 to 3 minutes. This APP will empower you with the safety and security you need while visiting the Dominican Republic