Why Reserving your Excursions Ahead is Better


The main reasons of why you should Reserve or at least have a second choice Excursion companies at the time you reach your hotel.
We present here a few reasons why you should have an external company (outside the hotel) to buy excursions.

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hotel long lines

The all-inclusive industry is a mega business with billions of dollars profit every year, They have developer a master plan to get the most profit out of your vacation
Once you reach your all-inclusive hotel you are left at the mercy of the in the house tour operator, this tour operators paid a very hight weekly rent to the hotel owners, This high rent is the reason number one of why these tours companies have to sell the excursion at an inflated price.
another reason is on high season you can find your self at the back of a big line trying to reserve the Dune Booguie excursion, Party boat or any other excursion you may like to experience.

Don’t Pay Big Bucks Inside Hotel
Once you find your self inside a hotel at a foreign country, you will not think twice about expending the big bucks on making your vacation exciting, usually, travelers don’t like to find themself fighting for discounts when what they like to do is to seat on the beach or go for a fun excursion or activity.

Reserve from Home
If you reserve ahead from the tranquility of your home you will have the time to plan, discuss and even ask for a discount seating on your home or office, once you arrive at your hotel, you have to make the best of the time at the resort, because you are paying the big bucks to visit the sunny island of Dominican Republic.

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prepare your vacation ahead

Find a Local Tour Operator
Reserve with a Quality local Tour operator: Usually tourist who love the country they are visiting they also love to give back to the real local community in this countries, Do your research from home and find a medium-size local tour operator make sure this local tour operator has a good online reputation on online platforms like TripAdvisor, Google, etc. Contact them before you arrive and ask for a discount of almost 100% of the tour operators offer discounts on pre reservations.

Last but not least
Make sure to find out if this local tour operator is affiliated with a local charity and get involved on any form of giving back to the country you are visiting, in special the Dominican Republic is a poor country and count with a very large of poor families who do not have the basic needs covered.