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Sensitive Extra Careful Travelers Tips


A few weeks ago, I posted sensitive traveler warning posts and found exciting the mixed reactions and feedback from many travelers wholly oblivious and in denial about the dangers of All-inclusive resorts, food poisoning, and bacterial infections accompanied by simple allergies, whether from food, air born, too much sun exposure, etc. My intention is not to spread or inflict paranoia, but to bring awareness about the things that can quickly spoil your vacation, again this is not everybody's experience or situation, but some extra sensitive travelers [they know who they are ] will appreciate knowing these facts on what precautions to take, to have a memorable vacation in Punta Cana 

Make sure to pack 

Bug spray for the mosquitos. 

Over-the-counter painkillers.

Pepto Bismol, Milanta, or something similar for indigestion or upset stomach


Inside the hotel 

Avoid drinking water from any open container, meaning no ice, only water straight from the small water bottle 

Avoid eating any salad or raw food. Only cook food. This is just to be highly safe. The hotels are fairly safe and clean, but there is minimal chance of mistakes by employees touching vegetables with their hands dirty or after handling raw meat. Keep in mind that when you eat meals prepared for somebody other than yourself, you are exposed to various scenarios that can easily compromise your health, keeping in mind the Dominican Republic is a welcoming Happy Go Lucky country. The locals are lovely, the hygiene standards are lower, and virus exposure is higher in comparison with the USA or EU. 

Food poisoning can spoil your vacation 


Make sure you are getting bottled water. Also, take a look online in advance and research what activity you would like to do. If you do not want to spend your vacation time purchasing and negotiating excursion prices at the hotel, choose one local excursion company with an excellent online reputation and good reviews and keep it as a backup. Once you get to the hotel, ask for excursion prices, and compare with your online vendor; you will see a massive difference in prices. With that being said when you arrive at the hotel, you will just lay back, relax and enjoy your vacation. 



Jay Rodriguez Dominican who Love to write on he's broken English, Passionate about helping others,

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