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Our mission is to help you choose the perfect activity and help you experience an unforgettable vacation. We specialize in customizing Punta Cana experiences to meet your needs and expectations. Whether it is a bachelor party, birthday celebration, honeymoon getaway, wedding celebration, or just a big group of family and friends getting together to have some fun, we will do our very best to provide you with responsive, knowledgeable customer service if you are ready to start living your best Punta Cana Vacation contact Jay Rodriguez and get your activity Desing by a Local expert.

About Our Company - Punta Cana Best Excursions

PBE is dedicated to providing you with outstanding customer service, quick responses, and correct answers to all your questions about your upcoming activity,
PBE understands that the importance of trusting a company with your vacation activities is paramount; that's why we will work with you step by step and customize your upcoming activity to suit your specific needs. After you select and confirm your excursion, we assign the activity to our selected local provider affiliate and will monitor performance at all times during the excursions, to make sure you are getting what you paid for; here we are on your side.
We partner with the largest Excursions and Activities companies and Punta Cana, providing years of immaculate customer service, Such as Runners Adventure, Scape Park, Saona Costa Romantica, Blue Marine, Infinity Party Boat, Tuko Ranch, Rancho Caribeño, Tours Point, Coco Bongo, Imagine, Helidosa Helicopters, And many other top-quality companies in Punta Cana,
We care about our clients, and that's the reason why our response rate is immediate at all times.

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Dolphin Funtastic Excursion

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Dolphin Excellence

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Dolphin Explorer Excursion

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What We Do

PBE knows that visiting a third-world country for some people can be a nerve-racking decision, that is why we only use experienced providers with a solid reputation in Punta Cana, that is why guaranteed quality services are our goal,  We only recruit the best local excursion providers with more than then 5 years of experience and recognize our clientele expectations. We take the time to match and compare quality service ranking against each provider to ensure we are choosing the very best possible choice, PBE will give you and your traveler's companion peace of mind knowing that the companies you use are properly bonded and insured.
CUSTOMIZE ACTIVITIES. In addition to our regular activities, we offer customized packages. We take the time to listen and analyze your request to create a package that suits your budget and needs. We have a vast knowledge of the local arena, making it easy to know what is convenient for your group. Punta Cana is an up-and-coming community, and we are constantly updating our service range with new products and activities for you to choose from. OUR PHILOSOPHY Is never to compromise in providing you with the highest quality service,

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Why Choosing PBE

Why PBE?

Here at PBE, we know there is no substitute for experience, and we have experience creating custom packages. We have been providing dependable, consistent transportation and excursions in the Punta Cana area for more than ten years. PBE is not a large company; we have a selected fair amount of travel agents and direct clients, and our experience providing excellent customer service is something a company can acquire through years of active customer service in the travel industry. Our principal is a local Punta Cana resident dedicated to analyzing and choosing the best activities provided by the best companies for your satisfaction.
At PBE, we work around your vacation schedule to find the best-fitting time for your activity to ensure you enjoy your vacation the right way. Our intentions motto is not to change your activity choice and times but to enhance the plans you already have in mind. We enjoy making everlasting memories.
COMPANIES SAFETY. You can rest assured that your excursions and transportation providers are bonded, properly licensed, and insured. PBE has gone through an extensive evaluation to insure that your service provider can be entrusted.
PBE IS ON YOUR SIDE! Our dispatchers and representatives, who consistently stay in touch with you before and during the activity to monitor your happiness and well-being with the service and the activity we are providing
OUR RATES ARE ALL INCLUSIVE We don't have hidden fees or change our prices without notice.

Runners Adventure Activities

You can reserve your Monkeyland Excursion with your Zipline and Dunne Booguie, to do on diferent days or all in one day.

Monkey Land by Runners

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Monkeyland with Jungle Boogie

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Monkeyland with Zipline

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Scape Park Water Zipline

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Extras Birthday Cake

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50 Photoshoot Section $250

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