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Refunds and Cancellation
Refunds and Cancellations

Payment at PBE 


The price offered on the PBE platform ("Booking Price") shall apply to the Excursion or activity. Unless otherwise agreed, the booking price for the services or excursion is payable no later than 48 hours previous activity. For selected Activities, you may be able to choose the "Book now, pay later" feature. This feature is available and must be paid 48 hours before the start of the excursion or activity we will send you an email confirming the payment of the booking. If this 48 hours previous fails and the payment is not made, we PBE will automatically cancel the Activity you booked. 

PBE is entitled to receive the invoiced amounts in the name of and on behalf of the excursion or activity (as a commercial or booking agent), With the successful payment to PBE, you have fulfilled your payment obligations towards the Excursions or activities with a discharging effect. If claims are to be paid by the user in a currency other than US Dollars then their local currency (foreign currency claim), PBE may (in its role as a commercial agent) request payment in the Dominican local currency and convert the local currency to the exchange value at the moment to US dollars claim at the current exchange rate at the time of the payment.

We are your contact in connection with a Service Agreement and its remuneration as the commercial agent of the excursions or activities. If you wish to claim a refund of the booking price outside of our cancellation policy, e.g. because you believe that you are entitled to it due to a timely cancellation, you may contact us. We provide refunds only for cancelation for weather or other unforeseen weather-related changes otherwise you are entitled to a re-schedule of the activity or excursion. A refund or change will not be granted outside of the 48 hours terms on the activities provided by PBE.

However the activities done by a third party company will be subject to the third party compny policies.
some of this companies only offer a refund credit on services not a cash refund please make sure to ask your representative what companies provide cash refund 

For a refund inside the service agreement, You must provide payment information truthfully and update it immediately in the event of changes we can reject by a means of payment specified by you. The means of payment permitted for the respective activities or excursions will be displayed to you in the email order we send you at the time of payment. Please note the terms and conditions of the payment service By PBE, which apply. PBE may charge additional fees and taxes. You are required to confirm to PBE that you are authorized to use or have the right to use a payment method you use. In some cases, you will not pay the booking price to PBE online or directly at the time of service but to another company that we have appointed to process the payment as a sub-agent. For example, if you live in the USA or use a credit card issued in the USA for payment, PBE will use one of our associate's payment gateways to process the payment. These payments are subject to the same terms and conditions as payments made directly to PBE so nothing changes for you. You will have also fulfilled your payment obligations with the successful payment to the commissioned company with a discharging effect towards the excursions or activities. If you have questions relating to payment, you can contact our local customer service at 1888-268-0668 or email us at


By authorizing payment, you consent to your payment information being used to collect payment for the Excursion or activities.