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Thieving Around Punta Cana Hotels

Thieving Inside Punta Cana Hotels Safety Box

The Question of :

Is Your Money Safe In Your Hotel Room Safety Box? 

No, it is not 


Getting your money stolen straight out of your hotel room safe box is becoming the new trend; I come across a few Facebook posts about travelers visiting Punta Cana, putting their valuables in the safety box, going to the pool or the bar and coming back to the room to the unpleasant surprise of find out that your room has been entered without permission and having all the money and valuables stolen, Now how can that happen inside an all-inclusive resort were everything should be safe and guarded, now this may not be your case, but you save up all year round to come with your family or friends to a much need it vacation and this happen to you, you have been cut off-guard and right there and then your entire vacation is wasted, Ok you still believing that this is just a minor issue, and the soonest you call the front desk they will come running to your rescue and will straighten everything out for you, so you can keep having a good time, you are very wrong, the management person comes to talk to you and tells you on a very uncaring voice that they can do nothing about it but you can not believe your ears and you get even more angry and starts to demand an answer, the hotel employees look at you like you are lying and offers to call the cops in case you would like to write a formal complaing, finaly you agreed to call the cops thinking they may have an easy solution on your favor but again, You are wrong, when the cops arrived the first issue is that he doesnt speak english, he says. Hola Amigo Que Paso Dinero Money Dinero is OK Tranquilo. The officer's intention ( maybe ) is to help you, but he lacks an essential thing to help you. He can't communicate properly with you, the victim; somehow, they start searching your room and asking you to empty your packets, questioning how much money you have. In your mind, your start thinking, this is going the wrong way, this is just a few days of vacation going wrong, stay calm; soon you will be back home again. The officer asks you if you want to come to the station to make a formal complaint. You find yourself quickly declining any further help, you just lost maybe a couple of hundred or perhaps a couple of thousand, but in your mind, you keep thinking, How can I quickly get out of this situation? English barrier and misunderstandings. You are in a third world, plus you do not want to waste your valuable precious vacation time pursuing a police report that may lead to nowhere anyways. After you are frisked and treated as the perpetrator yourself, you quickly decline any further help or, let me say, any other aggravations, and the police soon leave. The hotel employees also rapidly disappear, leaving you with a deep sense of frustration and anger. Let me tell you that from that moment, your entire vacation is ruined. You will not be able to recover from that helpless frustrating feeling for weeks. Maybe it is not about the money is about the lack of professionalism and the lack of help you receive at the moment when everything should be ok. You should be having fun, and you should be treated as a special guest because you are spending a lot of money on this hotel. WRONG AGAIN. Sorry but I have to tell you that nobody cares about your demise. You have just become another unfortunate traveler, one out of thousands, demanding the same thing, just excellent professional service. Have you ever paused and thought about how many visitors come through this hotel weekly? They all know you will be gone in a few days. The next victim will arrive; I apologize for being so blunt and negative about it. It is the truth it bothers me to see this situation happening repeatedly and see the ones that speak about the matter ridiculed by other travelers. Many people will say. JAY, I HAVE VISITED THE DR 19 TIMES, AND THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME. Because it hasn't happened to you, it doesn't mean it is not happening. 


Why I'm writing this blog? Because I keep reading so many Facebook posts about so many travelers turning into victims while being ignored by every entity on the field, from the authorities to hotel management to travel booking companies, I believe travelers need to take their means to stop this abusive trend from continuing. And travel with a spy camera. 



1- Do not use the safety box in your room; it is unsafe. 

3- Buy a portable hard case wallet to carry your valuables anywhere.

2- Bring a miniature spy camera, in case you need to prove something you have it on camera 

3- If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, use your phone to record any interaction with hotel employees or the authorities; you have the right to do that, 


Don't be afraid to demand your right. Your safety is not in question here. This is a common practice in every tourist destination, not only in Punta Cana. If something like this ever happens to you, the soonest you cut your losses, the better. Nothing you do will lead you to get your money back. You will not get your money from the cleaning or management people at the hotel. You will not get your money back from the cops. You will not get your money back from the Hotel. You will not get your money back from the travel or booking agent. There is only one thing left to do, cut your losses and have a drink. Soon you will forget that all of your money is gone and everything will be Ok. 



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johan gorman says Apr 04, 2023

I could definitely see this happening. We got locked out of our safety box which was weird to begin with, an employee came up with a key and got in right away. Perhaps we need to start traveling with our own lock boxes? Mini cameras are a good idea.

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