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  • Punta can't travel with purpose bavaro helping hands
  • Punta can't travel with purpose bavaro helping hands

Travel With Purpose - Bavaro Helping Hands


 When a person visits a country and never leaves the hotel is like you were never there. Dominicans are a go happy and very friendly people who love visitors from all countries Because the Dominican Republic is an impoverished country, you will often see locals trying to sell handmade goods at the beach and sometimes they can be very persistent in trying to make a buck, you should not feel threatened by that, if you are not interested to buy, just say a firm NO and they will leave you alone.

By visiting places outside the hotel you will be practicing Tourism with Purpose some travelers identified themself by helping locals business to grow and giving back to the community of the country they are visiting. Remember that the hotels are owned by big enterprises who would love to keep all the business in-house. 

Especially in Punta Cana, there is a largely poor, out-of-luck community that doesn't get any help from government entities, we do not have a system set up to give back to the community, aside from the low wages jobs the locals have inside the hotel.  All of the money spent inside the hotels goes back out of the country to large foreign bank accounts,

Our Company Punta Cana Best Excursions has created a none profit organization Facebook page named Bavaro Helping Hands serving as the breach between visitors and the poor people in need living in the poor areas of Punta Cana, El Hoyo de Friusa, Mata Mosquito, and Villa Playbu, among the locals we help are, single mom's with kids, elderly and out of luck people, orphan kids and many other members of the poor Dominican society, 

We do not receive any goods or money on behalf of the people in need, instead, we make the connection possible, locating who needs the most help, and paring that person with the travelers who want to help to make it possible for the visitor to hand out the help personally to the person in need, giving a chance for the giving hands to meet with the receiving hands  Travel with Purpose by Bavaro Helping Hand creates memorable rewarding events for those with a kind heart, those who know that helping others is every human beings duty. Click on the link to find out more about Bavaro Helping Hands 

Bavaro Helping Hands 



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Jude Hoffman says Nov 29, 2023

Looking to bring needed supplies and provide funding and hands and feet to prepare a meal for a needy community

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