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Exclusive Saona Excursion

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Exclusive Saona Island


This is the top notch of all Saona Island excursions, our Exclusive package is designed not to just simply meet your expectation but to exceed every one of them. Starting with getting a pick-up from the hotel at your chosen time, and getting transported privately to Bayahive, start your day with an exclusive breakfast on board your private Costa Romantica Catamaran design to provide you with both fast and beautiful, after you get on board our Costa Romantica Catamaran, you are the boss you call the shots, either stop at the natural pool or stop and watch the sea starts, please remember not to touch them, arrive in Saona island to your private Exclusive meal, a seat on the beach chair lawn, your only problem is to choose your return time, you have the exclusive option to tailored your Exclusive Saona Island Excursions

Our Excellence Saona Excursion is the Nicest Multi-Concept activity in Punta Cana Saona Island Excursions count with the largest market accepting. The surrounding beauty, the delicious food, and the comfortable catamaran make the Excellence Saona Excursion the number one excursion in Punta Cana. 


What happen when we lift a starfish out of the water for for an impromptu photo section. 

All over the body of starfish are papules called dermal gills. Carbon dioxide gases are exchanged for oxygen between the coelomic liquid of the starfish and the water. Essentially, it’s how they breathe, like having hundreds of tiny noses all over your body.

As fresh air is toxic to starfish, and they can’t hold their breath for very long, each time they’re lifted out of the water for a photo op, they are drowning and suffering from a build-up of carbon dioxide. It’s the equivalent of someone filling your lungs with water for a little while and then emptying them again. It’s not a good day out. When this is done repeatedly, it’s a flip of the coin whether the poor creature can die from drowning or the stress of being semi-drowned so many times.

Wildlife is not our playthings. Just because a creature is slow enough to be caught by human hands, doesn’t give us the right to do so, and the social media attention gained certainly does not justify the harm caused to the critter.

This is an act we’re all guilty of at some point. What was happening to that animal at the moment didn’t cross our minds. But now we know better, so we must do better.

Look But Don't Touch

  • Private Transportation
  • Private Catamaran 
  • Private Exclusive Beeackfast
  • Private Exclusive meal
  • Return at any time you like
  • Lobster Meal 
  • Professional Photographer
  • Cake
  • Balloons Decorations
What to bring
  • Towels
  • Aun cream 
  • Swimsuit